Myofascial Medicine
Natural Hormone Replacement
 Compounding on Oxford
Compounding on Oxford is one of the most experienced and comprehensive compounding centres in Australia. It is one of a select type of pharmacy still providing customised pharmaceuticals that can only be made available through pharmaceutical compounding.
 International MYOPAIN Society
The International MYOPAIN Society [IMS] is a nonprofit, professional, medical, organization dedicated to the promotion of information about soft-tissue pain disorders.
 Chronic Pain Education
One in three Western households has one or more members with a chronic pain condition that usually has been present for more than three years and is described by 40% as being distressing, severe or unbearable.
 The Haworth Press, Inc.
Publisher of scholarly and professional books and journals.
 USANA Health Sciences
USANA Health Sciences produces the highest quality nutritional and personal care products available.

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