Myofascial Medicine
Natural Hormone Replacement
Why natural hormone replacement?
As we get older our production of hormones decreases. This leads to an increased rate of tissue degeneration. Our body begins to physically break down, our immune system becomes weaker and our chances of cardiovascular disease and cancer incease. By restoring hormones to youthful levels the rate of ageing is slowed and many people report dramatic improvements in health and wellbeing.

Types of hormone replacement therapy
There are a number of different types of hormone replacement therapy.
Pharmaceutical drugs contain hormones that are not bio-identical. They are compounds that do not normally exist in our bodies. Generally these are artificial compounds obtained from animals like horses or chemically altered to make them different to our own natural forms. This allows them to be patented and marketed as new drugs with the potential for big profits. As they are not a perfect match to our own hormones they are often associated with side effects.

Over-the-counter plant products are sold in health food stores and chemists labelled as natural hormone therapy. These are plant products that contain steroids similar to human hormones. These are “safe” in that they are part of the food chain, but they tend to be weak and useful only for mild symptoms.

Natural hormone replacement therapy as practised by MyoMed uses hormones exactly the same as those produced by your own body called bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones are synthesised in the laboratory from plant products, mainly soy or wild yam. They are only available by doctor’s prescription and are formulated by a compounding chemist into pleasant-tasting lozenges or “troches”. They are designed to meet your individual needs based on your clinical history and blood testing. Bio-identical hormones do not have the same side effects as pharmaceutical drugs. As they cannot be patented there are limited financial incentives for the drug companies to make or promote them.

Conditions responsive to natural hormone replacement
Your hormones have an influence on every aspect of your health and wellbeing from your mood to your weight, from your immune system to classic menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes. At MyoMed clinic we successfully treat hormone imbalance associated with pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS), women’s menopause and perimenopause, andropause (male menopause), as well as many issues associated with nutritional medicine and anti-ageing of the body. Correcting a hormone imbalance can also help with fertility problems, postnatal depression, weight loss and other health issues.

Specific hormones
Hormones commonly replaced are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin and thyroid.
Symptoms of estrogen deficiency
• hot flushes
• night sweats
• sleep disorder
• vaginal dryness
• dry skin
• anxiety/shortness of breath/heart palpitations
• mood swings/depression
• poor memory
Symptoms of progesterone deficiency
• irregular or heavy periods
• postnatal depression
• infertility/early miscarriage
• difficulty losing weight
• premenstrual syndrome
• painful or lumpy breasts
• anxiety
• sleep disturbance
• fluid retention
Symptoms of testosterone deficiency
• decreased muscle tone
• decreased armpit, pubic and body hair
• decreased energy and stamina
• loss of balance
• feelings of insecurity
• decreased interest in sex
Symptoms of DHEA deficiency
• difficulty handling stress
• fatigue
• mood disturbance
• decreased immunity
• dry skin and eyes
• poor memory
• thinning of pubic hair
• weak abdominal muscles
• decreased interest in sex
Symptoms of Thyroid deficiency
• fatigue
• cold intolerance
• weight gain
• foggy brain
• depression