Myofascial Medicine
Natural Hormone Replacement

Who we are
Established more than 22 years ago by medical practitioner Dr John Whiteside, MyoMed is a clinic that offers specialised treatment in two distinct areas – myofascial medicine and natural hormone replacement.
What we do
Doctors are medically trained but take a holistic approach, utilising nutritional medicine, exercise, lifestyle factors and natural treatments that cannot be patented by global pharmaceutical companies as well as more traditional medical treatments.

Myofascial medicine
Our myofascial medicine practice uses trigger point therapy, which is effective for everything from sports injuries to migraines, workplace injuries to fibromyalgia. Its fast resolution of sports injuries means that our patients include some of Australia’s best-known sportspeople as well as people from all walks of life who have found relief for a range of painful conditions.

Natural hormone replacement
Our natural hormone replacement clinic rebalances the body’s hormones using bio-identical hormones derived from natural plant substances such as wild yam and soy, formulated for the individual to a doctor’s prescription by a compounding chemist. Bio-identical hormone replacement has proven effective in helping patients lose weight, reinvigorate their sex lives, achieve pregnancy, build bone density, improve mood and fight the negative effects of menopause and ageing.