Myofascial Medicine
Natural Hormone Replacement
At Myomed we believe in a holistic approach to our patients health and well being. Dietary supplements are a necessary tool for individuals wishing to achieve optimum health and are especially important for those recovering from injuries and/or illness.

We stock a number of great quality supplements by Usana (as seen on Today Tonight), which scientists have rated as the best nutritional supplement in a study of over 100 different products on the market. Today Tonight has published the results of this analysis which can be found at
or by viewing the video below.

Our range of Usana supplements include:
  • Usana Essentials
  • Usanimal For Children
  • BiOmega
  • Calmag
  • CoQuinone 100
  • Procosamine
  • Palmetto
  • Proflavanol
  • Poly C Optimisers
  • Ginko

Other great quality supplements we stock include:

  • Nutrition Care B12 sublingual tablets
  • Trace Nutrition Zinc
  • Chromium (Eagle)
  • Thompson's Organic Magnesium 
  • Magnesium powder (Cabot)
  • Protein Powder (Ezy protein)
  • Polybac-8 Powder (Nutrition Care)
  • Eagle D3 1000mcg
  • Megafol 5 Folic Acid
  • Selenium 100mcg
  • ACZ Nano-zeolite
  • Advanced Cellular Silver ACS (Spray)